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A Non-Profit Advocating for Veterans from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

We’re honoring our fellow Veterans, and working to ensure:

  • Their sacrifices and stories are never forgotten
  • Aging and disabled Veterans have access to services and programs that they deserve

Liberty Tree Project

A total of 37,282 of Massachusetts’ bravest men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice.The Liberty Tree Project aims to plant a tree in memory of each of these heroes.

Oral History Project

Each veteran has a unique stories of their time in service.
We are interviewing Veterans in order to capture those stories on video; preserving them for future generations to come.

Other Projects

We’re advocating for and helping to develop assisted living facilities, long-term care and better transportation options for elderly and disabled veterans and Gold Star families.

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You can help preserve the legacy of 37,282 fallen Veterans from Massachusetts

August 18, 2017